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Its strength is derived from the cumulative effect of the small bracing elements - In testing a single angled element was sufficient to support the weight of the gate. Light filtering through this gate may give the impression of two giant feathers

Price Range: $4,500 - $5,850

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All elements provide strength and rigidity but to me they appear playful and welcoming. Almost like two hands that open up.

Price Range: $3,800 - $4,940

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No 16

This design was a little counter intuitive to me as the bracing strength comes from a virtual beam through the ‘floating’ centre.

The six smaller elements are not required for strength and are therefore optional while the central element provides an ideal location for property name or a feature piece.

Price Range: $4,100 - $5,330

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A ‘Coastal’ adaptation of a traditional design using full length, gently curved top rails. With the option of two or three centre rails. Ideally suited to an elegant country property.

Price Range: $4,200 - $5,460

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Another ‘Coastal’ adaptation of a classic. This time using the ‘Arrow Head’ brace design but using segmented inserts and full length top rail.

Option of two or three centre rails

Price Range: $4,300 - $5,590

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Devil Bend

Taking curves to the next level! A lot more work involved in this design but what a result. Only if you like to be noticed.

Price Range: $4,900 - $6,370

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One Chain

The bracing effect is greatest closest to the post and diminishes towards the centre. The boards get thinner towards the centre to reduce weight.

Price Range: $4,500 - $5,850

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‘Coastal’ interpretation of classic design incorporating a single compression brace and two centre rails. Everything a gate needs and nothing it doesn’t.

Price Range: $3,600 - $4,680

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Simple and elegant the segmented diagonals act together to form one compression and one tension brace.

Price Range: $3,600 - $4,680

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