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Black Butt - Eucalyptus Pilularis

Blackbutt is a magnificent species readily available across the East Coast of Australia. It is quick growing and sustainably sourced. It is also very attractive both in colouring and grain patterns and is often specified as a feature timber for interior and exterior use by architects and designers.

It has very high durability and should last at least 40 years in a natural state but much longer if well protected with oiling

Black Butt
Australian Cypress

Australian Cypress - Callitris Glaucophylla

Australian cypress is a ‘softwood’ by definition though it is one of the hardest conifer timbers in the world.  It is very durable both in-ground and above ground, has beautiful grain patterns and probably the best smell of any timber to work with. It should last at least 25 years in a natural state but much longer if it is oiled regularly

It is a very attractive timber with many knots and features and definitely stands out when oiled - Also as a fast-growing plantation timber, it reduces pressure on our native hardwoods.

It is also the most readily available and quite possibly my favourite - Though I shouldn’t have favourites 🙂

Design Pine

If you wish to have a painted finish for your gate then we would recommend using Design Pine. This is an engineered timber impregnated with an organic preservative system and comes pre primed and ready for painting. It is lighter weight than either Black Butt or Australian Cypress and, being engineered, it is highly resistive to warping or twisting.

Also painting is the most low maintenance approach to outdoor timber as a good quality paint may last ten years or more. Design Pine is rated to last at least 25 years but should last well beyond this if the painted finish is kept in good condition.

Black Butt
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